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Players Quote, "After a fresh tape I like to keep my blades off the ground. 

After the game I like to keep my blade elevated.   They dry off faster."  

·       "So helpful keeping my families sticks organized.  Highly recommend." Jeanne

·       "The wine rack arrived yesterday.  I love the simplicity of the design and that it takes up little space."  Barb

·       "Super strong.  Lightweight.  Highly recommend for baseball bats."  Steve Q

·       "I LOVE this! It just arrived today and my 3 hockey players have transferred all their (many) sticks to this already. We have approximately 10 sticks plus 2 goalie sticks (with big knobs) plus about 6 golf clubs and I could add a couple more sticks with no problem.  Definitely a five-star product for me."  Constance

·       "Purchased Stickstow as a gift for my goddaughter, who plays collegiate field hockey. She has been looking for something to corral all her sticks while not taking up a lot of real estate in her small living quarters. This fit the need perfectly and she was excited to start using it." John  


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