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Stickstow and go!

Compact Storage Solutions

Everything in its place

A place for everything, everything in its place!

Baseball Dugout

Batter UP!

Dugout Organization starts here.

Stickstow Bat Holder

Six Bat Holder

Ready to go from home batting cage and beyond..

Stickstow is your solution for maximizing storage space in an organized, efficient, and innovative way. With a focus on creating versatile and user-friendly storage solutions, Stickstow offers a wide range of products that cater to various storage needs in homes, garages, sports facilities, and beyond.

Locker Room Tough

After years of dedicated service, Stickstow is prominent in and around locker rooms. Secure your locker rooms today.

Space saver in the Garage Sports Court and beyond

Stickstow’s solutions effectively optimize space in your garage, sports court, closet, and beyond. Get this free-standing organizer today!

“Baseball fields nationwide trust Stickstow for reliable bat storage solutions.” Batter up!

Free standing

Stickstow’s free-standing units can be placed where they’re needed most, providing flexibility and convenience.

“Thanks for making this. We love it. Sticks everywhere in our house. Now they are put away. At least they have a place.”


“We love it. In our locker room. I will update the rating in time.”


“I bought this as a gift and he loves it! It stands up on it’s own and holds so many sticks!”


Let’s work together.

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