Stickstow™ is your Stick Management solution.     Safely manage hockey sticks in your arena!

Stickstow was designed to organize hockey sticks in hallways, locker rooms and behind the bench. Stickstow provides a safe solution keeping sticks organized and clear of hallways, fire routes, and eliminating trip hazards.

The Problem: Ask any coach.  Sticks leaning against the wall can be easily be knocked over causing the domino effect which leads to chaos.  

The Solution: Stickstow provides a easy intuitive place for sticks to go.  Players instinctively use the holder as they file into the locker room.  Behind the bench managers use the system to store extra sticks.  Its that easy.  

Stickstow Features:

  • Safe – Environment - Remove trip hazards.  Product - Rounded beveled edges that won’t snag or cut
  • Secure – holds sticks securely – Secures players gear around locker rooms
  • Low Profile – 4 inches off the wall.  Off the floor
  • Capacity –   3 – 4 sticks per stow.
  • Customizable – Build different configuration, paintable
  • EZ installation – Simple permanent or removable wall mount.
  • Light weight – ABS plastic.  Half the weight of PVC
  • Locker room tough (5x stronger than PVC) – ABS is foam core that’s super tough.  Bonded with fusion technology.
  • Cost Effective – Compared metal frame or wood frame construction.


  • Off the ground wall mounted installation
  • Easily clean up floors beneath the holder
  • Removable installation. French hanger.
  • Light weight – half the weight other similar systems
  • Compact – Low profile takes up little space
  • Greater capacity then single wall holders
  • Herb Brooks Foundation Benefit
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8 of 8 Items