Posted by Coach Jim on Aug 9th 2021

Some Frequently Asked Questions for the StickStowHow many sticks can the StickStow hold? The 4" stow can receive (2-3) sticks per stow. 2" sized stows are (1) stick per stow.Stickstows are very stable. YES as stable as a garbage can. A good level surface is all you need. Some designs are wall-mount …

Stickstow keeps sticks organized

Posted by Bryan Zollman, Let's Play Hockey on Aug 9th 2021

STICKSTOW KEEPS STICKS ORGANIZEDA great fit for every locker room12/01/2020, 1:45pm CST By Bryan Zollman, Let's Play Hockey Jim Seabloom is a youth hockey coach who invented and built the Stickstow, a stick organizer to keep sticks out of the way and in an orderly spot in locker rooms and garage …