Stickstow Product Debut "Let's Play Hockey Expo 2020"

Stickstow Product Debut at the 2020 Let's Play Hockey Expo

What a great experience being able to show and tell the stickstow story with so many hockey folks.  I love Hockey because its a great sport and the people are enthusiastic.  I had a chance to visit with Legends in the game, many families, coaches and players.  Fellow vendors were very supportive and interested in the Stickonizer. 

Many conversations stemmed around regular family stick stowage needs.  Not just sporting sticks but rakes and shovels, skis and so much more.  The best part is I didn't have to explain the concept.  People just got it and folks just plugged in their own situation.  What started out as a need in our teams locker room has lead to conversations about others facilities and personal stories of their locker room, garages, laundry room and so mamu [;aces.

Now that the regular hockey season has come to a end I will be focusing on those other needs that all of you shared with me.  I hope you check up on our offerings in the weeks ahead and offer up your comments and suggestions.

Thanks you again for stopping by our booth at the "Let's Play Hockey Expo 2020"  Look forward to seeing you again next year.  

Teams that Stick Together Stay Together

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