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Some Frequently Asked Questions for the StickStow

How many sticks can the StickStow hold? The 4″ stow handles (2-3) sticks per tube. 2″ designs are (1) stick per stow.

Can Stickstow tip over? A heavy load from, let’s say a wet mop head is not advisable. Always check with the shake test on more serious gear. Wall-mounted units can handle any load.

What’s the delivery time for my order? Typically, we ship within three business days. The total delivery time then varies based on your distance from Minnesota. For the majority of orders, we utilize UPS Ground services.

Why are the tubes open at both ends? There are a couple of reasons for this design choice. To prevent it from turning into a trash can.
To allow for easy insertion into a snowbank, especially useful for outdoor hockey rink setups.

Can you customize my stickstow? We offer customized stickstow. Have a special need or design? We would love to collaborate with you. Labeling too ownership, room number, team names, players name or facilities name, etc. trophy

Give me a call, and we can work it out. 651 998 9397