Letter to Customers

Stickstow Hockey Products


Dear Customers,

Thank you for your support. I make your Stickstow in the garage.

Stickstow was designed to keep a guy from bending over and picking up hockey sticks.  If you’re around the locker room, then you know the drill.  Kids start stacking their sticks along the wall until a bender comes down and knocks them over.  Now, since we stowed the sticks, the place got a little quieter and maybe, just maybe, a little more organized.

As you could imagine I am totally thrilled with our Herb Brooks Foundation partnership. The Herb Brooks Foundation is located here in Minnesota. They provide a first time Hockey experience to intercity youths. Anyway, the HBF director liked the Stickstow product, and signed a licensing agreement. How cool is that!

To date we have sold around 125 or so Stickstows through our Esty and other channels. So, every sale is a big deal. Your feedback and social media comments would be greatly appreciated. I encourage you to visit website and support HBF.

Herb Brooks quotes are legendary. “You can’t be common; the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon.” This one is applicable perhaps to this project.

Call or text us at 651 998 9397 or

Peace! Coach Jim