Letter to Customers

Stickstow Hockey Products


Thank you for your support.  I cut, bevel, paint, and bonded your Stickstow in my garage here in Minnesota.

Stickstow was designed to keep hockey sticks organized and secure.  If you’re around the locker room, then you know the drill.  Since we started stowing the sticks, the place got a little quieter and more organized.

Today we have sold around 200 Stickstows.  So, every sale is a big deal.  Your feedback and social media comments would be greatly appreciated.  I encourage you to visit website and support HBF.

As you could imagine I am totally thrilled with our Herb Brooks Foundation partnership.  The Herb Brooks Foundation provides a first time Hockey experience to intercity youths. 

Herb Brooks quotes are legendary.  “You can’t be common; the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon.”  This one is applicable perhaps to this project. 

Call or text us at 651 775 6817 or

Keep your head up and be safe out there.


Best Regards! 

Coach Jim