Frequently Asked Questions for the StickStow

  • Can a stickstow tip?  Stickstows are very stable.  A good level surface is all you need.  Some designs are meant to be mounted while others are free standing.   In the locker room we usually throw the puck bag against it.  
  • How many sticks can the StickStow hold?   The 4" stow can receive (3-4) sticks per stow.  2" sized stows are (1) stick per stow.  
  • How long does it take to receive my order?   Lead time on orders within 5 business days.  
  • Why are the tubes open on both ends?   We keep the ends open for a couple reasons.  #1 So it doesn't become a trash can.  #2 You can easily get yours into a snow bank for out side hockey rink use. 
  • Can you print onto the stick stow?   For a fee we offer original vinyl stickers to customize your stickstow.  Applications labeling ownership, room number, team names, players name or facilities name etc

Call or text your questions to 651 998 9397 or jim@stickstow.com