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Discover Stickstow: Your Secure "Stow and Go" Space-Saving Solution.

Stickstow™ is a Stick Management solution for safely managing all kinds of sticks in sporting facilities at home and beyond.  Stickstow™– Made in Minnesota

The Problem: sticks leaned against the wall can be easily knocked over causing the domino effect which leads to a trip hazard.

Solution:  The Stickstow system allows easy placement of sticks in a organized easily accessed holder.  This prevents sticks from falling over which then ensures a safe environment. Players instinctively use the holder as they file into the locker room.  Behind the bench managers use the system to store extra sticks. 

Stickstow Features:

  • Safe – Environment - Remove trip hazards.  Product - Rounded beveled edges that won’t snag or cut
  • Secure – holds sticks securely – Secures players gear around locker rooms
  • Low Profile – 4 inches off the wall.  Off the floor
  • Capacity –   3 – 4 sticks per stow.
  • Customizable – Build different configuration, paintable
  • EZ installation – Simple permanent or removable wall mount.
  • Light weight – ABS plastic.  Half the weight of PVC
  • Locker room tough (5x stronger than PVC) – ABS is foam core that’s super tough.  Bonded with fusion technology.
  • Cost Effective – Compared metal frame or wood frame construction.


  • Off the ground wall mounted installation
  • Easily clean up floors beneath the holder
  • Removable installation. French hanger.
  • Light weight – half the weight other similar systems
  • Compact – Low profile takes up little space
  • Greater capacity then single wall holders
  • Herb Brooks Foundation Benefit