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Stickstow Reviews

Customer Stickstow product reviews.

  1. “So helpful in keeping my family’s sticks organized.  Highly recommend.” Jeanne
  2. “The wine rack arrived yesterday.  I love the simplicity of the design and that it takes up little space.”  Barb
  3. Batstow:  “Super strong.  Free Standing. Lightweight.  I highly recommend baseball bats.  We are amazed at how well it works.”  Thanks, Steve Q
  4. I LOVE this! It just arrived today, and my three hockey players have already transferred all their (many) sticks to this. I love how securely this holds the sticks upright-not drooping. We have approximately ten sticks plus two goalie sticks (with big knobs) plus about six golf clubs, and I could add a couple more sticks with no problem.
    I’m sure out there are some who might think they can do this themselves, I assure you, this is weighted JUST RIGHT, plus the height and the way they connect are just right. It is worth the $ money to buy this one vs. trying to get it right as a DIY project. Definitely a five-star product for me.
  5. I purchased a customized Stickstow as a gift for my goddaughter, who plays collegiate field hockey. She has been looking for something to corral all her sticks while not taking up a lot of real estate in her small living quarters. This fit the need perfectly, and she was excited to use it. Coach Jim was great to work with; we had a few challenges with the postal service (not his fault), but they got resolved quickly, and he was very good about staying in touch and keeping me updated through the whole process. I would happily purchase from him again in the future!
  6. “The picture does not do any justice to the sturdy, high quality, heavy weight of this product. The customized decal looks like stenciled letters and gives it a bold look! This product surpassed expectations and the seller communicates greatly!!!”
  7. Highly recommend for any team or rink. We tried out this setup and are amazed at how well it works. Thanks”
  8. “This original design is awesome. Holds 15 hockey sticks. We put the holder against the wall with the puck bag in front so it doesn’t fall over. Easy to carry in and out of the building. It does what we need it to do. Oscar Johnson Arena has 2 small changing rooms so we keep this Stick Stow outside our room.”
  9. “That is FANTASTIC!! We will get photos to you & thinking that I want to add another.”
  10. “We love it. In our locker room. I will update the rating in time”
  11. “Jim built us a custom stickstow that holds all the armed forces flags. Army Navy Marines Airforce and Spaceforce. Not only is Jim a Vet but very skilled in his craftmanship. Highly recommend Jim and Stickstow. Peace!”
  12. “We are really happy with Stickstow, it’s a nice clean look and the users have been very appreciative. We currently have Stickstow systems outside the locker room doors and will soon have them in our player’s boxes as well. Also, Jim, the owner is great to work with!”
  13. “Works as advertised in the locker room with little effort.”
  14. “The StickStow works great in my garage, too! Holds rakes, shovels, brooms…anything with a stick! If you want to get organized, get the StickStow…Love it!”
  15. “The stickstow has been very useful in our garage keeping things tidy. Our kids stuff is piling up now we have it organized. We used this design and just leave it on the floor behind the door. Works great. Very durable. Thanks Nate”
  16. “He was great! Helped me get exactly what I was looking for. My kids are gonna love this! Or maybe I will so sticks aren’t laying around.! Anyways great product I highly recommend”
  17. “This has been a Godsend for our hockey sticks and is the perfect grab-n-go when rushing out the door for practices and games. Keeps our sticks very organized!”
  18. “We use it everyday. Great idea and a nice build. I’ll be watching for your next idea.”
  19. “Thanks for making this. We love it. Sticks everywhere in our house. Now there put away. At least there suppose to be.”
  20. “Everything we had we put in this. Our garage is so much better organized. Highly recommend. Fast shipping to. Thanks Stickstow”
  21. “My kids love it and I do to”
  22. “Wish we had it earlier. Kids sticks are in place. Thanks Highly recommend”
  23. “Our garage looks bigger. Amazing. Get one you’ll be happy you did. Peace!”
  24. “Glad we purchased this. great service. Thanks, Coach.”
  25. “This was exactly what we needed. Three kids in hockey and we finally have a place for them to put away their hockey sticks. Recommended to all.”
  26. “My daughter owns this. Tells her brothers to get their own. We are going to buy another one.”
  27. “The mounting system that it came with we didn’t use but we were able to mount this on the garage wall. Now we put so many things in there. We use it and we like it. So far so good”
  28. “Hello Coach Jim, My grandchildren didnt come to visit until this weekend and they LOVED the Stickstow. All the hockey sticks that have been littering my basement floor are now safely ensconced in the Stickstow, and the area is neat once again. Thank you so much for this product. Best,Elizabeth “
  29. “Amazing all around! Seller went above and beyond.”
  30. “All the hockey sticks that have been littering my basement floor are now safely ensconced in the Stickstow, and the area is neat once again. Thank you so much for this product.”
  31. “Great solution! I wish I would have gotten earlier!”
  32. “This is a great product my sticks have a home.”
  33. “Its awesome! Thank you! We have three kids that play for the Orono Spartans so it has come in very handy to have somewhere to put the outdoor rink sticks and indoor sticks. Great product!”
  34. “The Stickstow product was exactly what I had hoped for. The product works great. I was able to consolidate garage brooms, shovels, rakes, etc in an orderly way, saving space. The product works great and was delivered very quickly!”
  35. “I bought this to organize our toy closet with shinny hockey sticks, stick pony, etc, and it also ended up holding my husband’s full-size sticks as well. Plenty of room! Works great, small footprint. Thanks!”
  36. “I bought this as a gift and he loves it! It stands up on it’s own and holds so many sticks!”
  37. “This thing has been an amazing upgrade to my garage. I filled it full with hockey sticks, ski poles, and tennis rackets.”